Friday, January 22, 2010

Stealing my Childs Photos

I made this blog in order to get more information regarding a person that has stolen photos of my child and altered them to make people believe she was her mother. She also posted my child's photos on an adult website apparently she is a big Tila supporter. I don't know anything about this woman accept she has done pissed off the wrong mom!

First of all, I don't hide the fact that my child does pageants and I don't have the need to defend that. I have learned a long time ago to take the good with the bad and of course there are some people that have opinions about it. I ask that you keep those to yourself on this blog. Thank you

My daughter is not just a pageant kid, but does work within the industry. She is a child model/actress. She is well known among a pretty big group of fans and I'm sure even more so now after this mess. Trinity has had many fan based websites, youtubes ect.. And I have always accepted that being part of the business. And I have always accepted that by her photos being online they might be used for fan sites ect. BUT, the problem here with this skyylar person is that she posted my child's photos on an adult website!

Another problem with this is that Tila allowed it. This was reported to her by many different people yet she never did anything. Skyylarjaydan is still a member on her website VIP I might add.

When I found about about Trinity's photos being on this website I made a quick profile "madmomma" (yeah I said quick I was mad lol) and logged into the chat rooms. After messaging skyylar whom appeared to be in the chat room and marked online, she would not answer me. So I started chatting with the folks there. After awhile of convincing them, that I was who I was, I have gotten a ton of help from the people there. All most all saying they seen her there, with my childs photos.

Skyylarjaylen then started deleting all her accounts including Myspace, Twitter, and Facebook.

About 2 hours ago I recieved this message from skyylarjayden on tilas dating site

Im sorry for what those people did to you.
Between you and SkyylarJaylenStarted 2 hours ago
But i must inform you that i had nothing to do with any of it. They do not like me because i am friends with Tila so they are going to any lengths to get me to leave her alone. Im sorry they did this to your child. All of that information is not correct and is actually going through my lawyer. I am suing them for slander, if you'd like to speak to me just message me back that can be arranged. PS- again sorry they brought you into this but it really goes farther than all of this.

She must be insane to think I would believe her! Someone that is innocent don't have a reason to delete all of their accounts!

I would like to tag this blog:

They are the ones that found out what she was doing and contacted me. I do not check my emails on myspace often, we have a very busy life and I just don't have time. But I'm glad I did last night or I still would have not known about this.

Again, I ask that you don't judge me or my daughter, this is about bringing this lady to justice. So please keep your replies focused on that.

Here is my twitter account that you can follow me for updates:

I am still collecting all that I can to press charges against this lady, and Tilas website. There could be legal charges against Facebook, Twitter and myspace, due to the fact she had stolen photos of a child posted along side of PORN on all of these sites. I have contacted our Lawyer and he is the process of collecting everything I give him and starting the process. The police will be notified and there will be trouble for this woman.

I urge you to contact me, post on here what ever if you had contact with this lady or have seen my childs photos in Adult websites, I don't want any trouble come to those that simply were in the wrong place at the wrong time.

IMPORTANT: I need written statements from ANYONE that seen Trinity's photos that Skyylor stole, and those of you that seen them on Tilas website, to write me a statement for the police. You can send it to
this is important because this is regarding a child on an Adult website and along with PORN and the law does not look nicely on that. All those who were involved and did nothing could be in trouble as well. So I urge you to write a statement and keep yourself out of trouble!

I am also looking for her "Real Name" I have gotten many names, and im wondering if there is anyone out there that might have this information. Please post that here or send it to me.

Lastly, I want to say thank you to those that have helped me by sending my all this information. There where a lot of people that were worried about Trinity's well being, and I want to tell you she is safe and happy. She is a beautiful happy little girl and thank god she don't know about all this mess. She is a 6 year old child who loves to do what she does. I know that I will have to deal with people like this as long as she is in the publics eye, but that will never stop me from bringing people like this down. She made a mistake picking my child to call her own and post on Adult websites.

Lets just count the Laws she has broken:
Child Endangerment
Copyright Laws
Child Porn (even thought the photos of Trinity are not in a adult nature it is still considered child porn when used on adult websites)
Identity Theft

Should I add more! I will leave that to my Lawyer


*Update, Here is the original Photo that this lady stold and Photoshopped.

I blocked out Trinity's friend, im sure her mother would not want her invovled.

Update: She contacted me now on myspace and has created a new myspace page, here is her email she sent me.

I sent you a message already but not sure if you got it.
But i must inform you that i had nothing to do with any of it. They do not like me because i am friends with Tila so they are going to any lengths to get me to leave her alone. Im sorry they did this to your child. All of that information is not correct and is actually going through my lawyer. I am suing them for slander, if you'd like to speak to me just message me back that can be arranged. PS- again sorry they brought you into this but it really goes farther than all of this. Again it is all photoshopped by those people they do so much more such as... there is so much more. Again im sorry they brought you and your daughter into this but i assure you my lawyer is working on this and is tracking IP addresses

Update: I have been banned from the chat room on Tilas website. I wonder why? Screams Guilty to me!

Skyylars Membership was deleted on that site but mine is not. I really dont care, atleast all the people that are helping knows about this blog. My lawyer has the information about the website and has been trying to contact them. I also tried to contact them with no luck.

I just contacted along with a few more websites as directed to me.


  1. very well written, i checked myspace everyday to see if you read the message i sent..i am a mother of a young child too and would just be devastated by all of this! i applaud you for doing what you can to bring this "woman" to justice!

  2. I am just so glad that I was in the chat last night & brought it up. You know I am here if you need me. Much Love & Prayers, Christina (CLSTILWELL)

  3. take down the pictures of your child. TAKE THEM DOWN. Skylar and Tila are just two sickos... only two of many who make the internet their personal poaching ground.

  4. Just a little proof that Skyylar does not know what she is talking about. For her "lawyer" to trace IP addresses, he would literally need to hack Twitter, MySpace, Facebook and Tila's dating site. I'm sure they would not appreciate him doing that, not to mention it would not hold up in court.

    Thought you might like that little tidbit

    I will be emailing you as well.

  5. People are now on Twitter saying both your and skyylar's accounts on the chat site have been banned. Look at this as a good thing. The law says "innocent until proven guilty". By banning skyylar, they are virtually admitting fault/guilt.

    PS The chat site is NOT owned by Tila. It is actually owned by Mantra Films, which also owns Girls Gone Wild (Joe Francis). Another little tidbit for you if you didn't already know. That info is also in

  6. I am not going to judge you on the pageant thing. Your daughter is beautiful and if she enjoys it, then good for her. I hope you get all of this taken care of. I had sent you a message on MySpace and had been doing some digging online, trying to find out of the photos belonged to.

  7. I remember when Skylar and Tila done all this stuff. It was and is so crazy. So glad you finally found out. My prayers and with you and your daughter. Sorry u had to deal with this! Ill keep following your updates in hopes justice is served on BOTH Tila and Skylar

  8. Hi I just want to let you know that before all this happened with Tila I first heard who Skyylar was, I HAVE seen where she has put pictures of your child and says that they are hers, and that she is a "pageant mom" So I got to see everything before she took them off or deleted whatever sites she had. I also know that Skyylar is a liar, I have asked on Tila's chatroom if she knows a Skyylar in which she replied she had no clue who that was, BUT the Skyylar tells everyone that she knows Tila directly and txt her all the time. I REALLY feel horrible that someone did this to your baby, that is sick...I will try and find any evidence I can to help you with this case because what she did is disgusting and people do need to be aware of this. If you need to contact me I have a myspace- or Twitter- BethkillaVilla

  9. Through my own research I believe Skyylar's real name is Sesely Gonzalez, bday 02/21/87 from Eagle Pass, TX. I'm going to do a YouTube video on te info that I tracked down about her, including links. Not sure if that info is correct, but it's the only thing I could find.
    -Erika Marie

  10. ^^its on her wikipedia that she made about herself

    there it has all the info about her real name, location, etc

  11. skylarr

    *birth name- sesely gonzalez
    *born feb 21, 1987 in eagle pass, texas
    *mexican american
    managers number- (956) 278-4975


  12. This probably doesnt help but here's Skyylars formspring

  13. Every little bit helps. Everything I get will make it easier for my Lawyer and the police

  14. Everyone is 100% behind you. People have been fed up and disgusted with these people for a while now. Thanks to the main tila resistance girls a lot has been discovered and progress is being made. I thank God for that coz this involves a CHILD & innocent parents who should never have to deal with THIS.

  15. Here's a link from google that shows photos used on Twitter. You can see that it was Skyylar Jaylen that commented on some of them herself.

  16. this is an email of hers that she posted on twitter

    you can view it on her cached page

  17. This Skyylar woman is clearly a sociopath and a pathological liar, something she has in common with her idol Tila I fully believe. She is crazy to think that with her photoshopping her head on the body of a model and other stuff she has photoshopped to make herself look better that anyone would believe she is innocent and someone set her up. Who would care about her enough to go to such sick extremes?
    Good Luck with everything

  18. I have been following this since the beginning, and was one of the people who first commented when she put a picture up of her and your daughter. This girl is SICK and a pathological liar, much like her idol Tila. I will continue trying to find out info on her and will let you know.

  19. [Most this info is cross-posted to a YouTube video comment I made:]

    A quick Google search for the name "Sesely Gonzalez" shows this link:

    It's a record file of the births in Maverick County, Texas in 1989.

    The info there shows a person's name "GONZALEZ, SESELY GUADALUPE" born "21-Feb-1989", in Maverick County, Texas.

    Maverick County is where the city Eagle Pass is located, where the Wiki states she is born. It is also the same birthday, just a few years off.

    So there we go, a full name, Sesely Guadalupe Gonzalez, and all the info seems to fit together. Police, have at it.

    I sincerely hope this helps and all parties involved are get in deep, deep trouble for all of this. It makes me so sick that this happened to you and your child and I hope this gets resolved very soon.

    Good luck.

  20. Ok so i did a little googling for the name "skyylar voss" which is the name she used in her wiki wak.. and though it had been deleted this is what also came up in the google search

    Read the top search result. It's for a video. So apparently she was also stealing video's of trinity.. And this is also not hosted on myspace usa. Its hosted on myspace denmark.

  21. I just caught light of this today while reading the materialbitch/tila war on twitter. I read about it on another blog and I am disgusted by the entire event. I pray for your strength, and I am so proud that you are standing up and protecting your child like any mother should.

  22. "I have asked on Tila's chatroom if she knows a Skyylar in which she replied she had no clue who that was"

    if you can find it there is a vid of tila tequila and casey johnson where tila directly addresses a "skylar" thats speaking to her in her chat...


    NSFW!!! OR KIDS!!!


  24. Like someone else said on here. I found out about all this though materialBITCH and twitter. I am so sick over this pathetic woman using an UNKNOWN child! This shows that even "mentally stable" people are ill and are capable of anything (i.e. child porn!)

  25. I read your story via and was so outraged by these sick women. Both this "skylar whomever" and Tila should both pay the consequences of their actions. *hugs*

  26. could you please keep us updated on what is going on concerning this girl skylar? I hope that you get the justice you deserve!!!

  27. Hi,

    This evening Tila is posting a nude video of herself on her page which is NOT properly coded to show "porn". A child of the age of fourteen admitted that she could see the video but chose to not watch it due to the fact that she's not "trash". Since you do have the info of the person to contact about this matter, I'd urge you to considering it will help your case that's being looked into.

  28. Her name is Sesely Gonzales and she lives in San Antonio, Texas in between Anderson Loop 1604 and Bandera Rd on Hausman St. close to the University of Texas at San Antonio. She also used to work at a Day Care which is disturbing. I believe she is actually about to turn 21. she claims to know all of the celebrities and live a fantasy life. I have contacted you Jeannie about this info through the email posted. Hopefully this helps some.

  29. Jeannie, I hope that this horrible woman and Tila get the book thrown at them.

  30. Hi, I came across your blog in a desperate attempt to find information that can help me through a situation.

    Someone has recently stolen pictures of my child from my facebook, someone I know personally, who lives across the state from me. She posed in a chatroom as someone completely different and actually stole pictures of my son and other children to play out her fake life and emailed these to a woman she met in there. Eventually her lies were exposed and I was contacted.

    I don't know how to handle this situation. Please if you have any advice, PLEASE email me

    Please, I am so concerned for my child and for the other children who have been sent out. I don't know who they are and their parents deserve to know.

  31. Hello,
    I am delighted to know that you have been made aware of what this very sick person has been doing. I have talked to skyy a few times on twitter when Casey Johnson first passed away. Any time i have ever talked to her, there was never any mention of Trinity. I do remember seeing photos on her twitpic of Trinity though (any pictures of trinity have been taken down, but her twitpic is still up.)
    Anyways i see that you are looking for this persons real name. I came across a site from a source that state this article was written by skyy herself. It includes her born with name as well as her birthdate. Hope it helps in your investigation. People like her need to know that what she is doing is not okay, and it is VERY VERY VERY sick. Hope this helps and good luck with everything. Please keep us posted.

  32. Hey there,

    Hope you are having some luck getting this awful mess sorted out. Just so you know, one of the anti-Tila blogs has picked up your story (and others) and members of the Tila resistance are running with it.


    You and your beautiful little girl don't deserve ANY OF THIS.

    Good luck!

  33. Here is her Twitpic. When you delete your twitter, your twitpic stays. People forget the too are separate.

  34. You need to contact the company that hosts tila's sites and complain, they will probably not take it down either but from experience I know you must try to get your underage child's photo off an adult sexually oriented website that they host. Get a lawyer, a good one, go after the hosting company and tila, tila is broke but you may get somewhere with the hosting company. Good luck. You are about to go down the rabbit hole and unless there is an actual pedo offense, no police or fbi or anyone else is going to help you. Sorry but from experience I know this to be true. They will tell you to go home and don't go to her site. This is going to cost you money but I hope you pursue this Tila is out of control.